Launching Girls in Tech Luxembourg

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  • Posted: January 24, 2014

Marina, Marie-Adélaïde, Kasia, Laurence and Adina are very proud to announce the launching of Girls in Tech Luxembourg !

As our board members nationalities will inform you (French, Romanian, Polish…) we are definitely european girls. And after attending a few events at Girls in Tech in Paris for the last two years, we realized an organization such as Girls In Tech Worldwide was greatly needed here in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe.

But why exactly such a necessity ? Just imagine, only 4 in 1000 graduates european women will eventually work in the ICT sector, they also only represent 19.2% of all entrepreneurs, while they represent 53.9% of entrepreneurs in the non-ICT sectors. No need to say that stereotypes are still alive when it comes to female entrepreneurs or “geeks”… Networking, educating, empowering women in the Technology fields, that’s exactly what we intend to do. And it starts now in 2014.

So stay tuned for the next blog post, because events and news are coming !

PS : have a look at this if you have a moment : Breaking stereotypes about female entrepreneurs and Jennifer Merluzzi and Ronald S. Burt, “Creating Careers: Women’s Paths through Entrepreneurship,” Research report, 2013.

Sources of statistics : Women Active in the ICT sector – European Commission – DG Communications Networks 2013.

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