RailsGirls Luxembourg 2015: 50 participants learned to code their own app !

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  • Posted: October 27, 2015

RailsGirls, a major digital education event for women



Saturday October 24, fifty participants and twenty volunteers gathered at Geesseknaeppchen campus forum to share their passion for and interest in new technologies .


Organised for the second year and taking place during EU CODE WEEK, the objective of this free one-day workshop is to introduce girls and women to computer programming with the language Ruby on Rails.  Almost 100 registration requests were received.

“The goal is to demystify code and to show how web applications which are used in everyday life are built. Participants can test their abilities to create with new technologies,” says Marina ANDRIEU, co-head of Girls in Tech and EU Code Week Ambassador for Luxembourg.

Leslie, one of the participants says: ‘The Rails Girls Luxembourg workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable day. It was very accessible, so as a newbie to programming, I did not feel intimidated. I feel like I learned a lot, from the workshops, the presentations and even just from talking to other participants. More importantly, it inspired me to continue in my attempt to learn to code. I was so impressed that people gave up their time on a voluntary basis to make this event possible. Thank you!’

The organisation of the event was made ​​possible by the contribution of Girls in tech volunteers, the Support Service Media Communication – Ministry State – Digital & Luxembourg  and the National Youth Service (SNJ).

EU CODE WEEK is an initiative supported by the European Commission to raise awareness of the importance of digital skills, especially computer programming (coding). This initiative has been running for three years and brings together thousands of events all over Europe: www.codeweek.eu


Also read a post from a participant sharing her experience on her blog: https://kellyvanheckeblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/rails-girls-luxembourg-workshop-24th-october-2015/


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