Technology Planning in Poland

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  • Posted: November 9, 2015

Girls in Tech Luxembourg was invited to participate in an Erasmus+ training course in Technology Planning at the Unesco Initiatives Center in Wrocław, Poland. The aim of the course was to bring the best practices of global IT companies to NGOs, and also share best practices between NGOs.

We were represented by our members, Marie-Paule and Murielle who attended the event from 16th – 24th October alongside participants from Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Armenia, Romania, Poland and Georgia.


IBM Project Managers led the NGO participants through academic and practical sessions to help them discover how technology planning can increase the efficiency of their organisation and enable them to share their vision and achieve their long-term goals.

Marie-Paule said “The atmosphere was brilliant and unforgettable. The workshops were extremely interesting, giving us a chance to build teams with different backgrounds, ages, origins, concerns and approaches to problem solving, encouraging creativity and intercultural exchanges.

The last workshop permitted the team in which I was involved, to elaborate a project from scratch, including three different countries. Giving us the kick to be creative and addressing concerns that are global regarding the use of technology in organizations all over the world. Project that I hope, we will carry out in the nearest future.”


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