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Goodyear celebrates women by launching bespoke mentoring and development program, and we’re excited to be part of it, together with remarkable mentees from the GIT LUX community.

The program, named Wingfoot Women, will see several female Goodyear associates take part in a bespoke personal branding training. They will then go on to mentor young women wishing to get into tech. It will not only enhance the skills of women within Goodyear but also those in local communities.

Developed by Goodyear Women’s Network EMEA, Wingfoot Women is in partnership with social enterprise KnowThyBrand, and non-profit organization, Girls in Tech Luxembourg.

KnowThyBrand Women champions gender equality and empowers women in business to create a more inclusive and equitable future; and Girls in Tech Luxembourg is dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in tech by providing experiences and educational opportunities to make women feel inspired, empowered, connected, prepared and confident.


  • Goodyear Women’s Network Members & Sponsors
  • Goodyear EMEA and Global D&I Networks
  • Goodyear Associates


  • Potential employees of the future
  • Young women and career changers in tech in local communities (Luxembourg and the greater region)
  • Entrepreneurs in tech

Duration of the program

The mentoring program will start in July, and will last for 6 months, until the end of December.

Apply to become a mentee

The applications for mentees open on Wednesday 5th April 2023, and will close on Wednesday 31st of May 2023.

Overview of the program


Press Release

What is a mentorship program?

A mentorship program is a structured process in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person (a mentor) provides guidance, advice, and support to a less experienced or knowledgeable person (a mentee) in order to help them develop skills, achieve their goals, and progress in their career or personal life.

The mentor in a mentorship program typically shares their knowledge and experience with the mentee, provides feedback and constructive criticism, and helps the mentee set and achieve goals. The program may involve regular meetings or check-ins between the mentor and mentee, as well as opportunities for the mentee to learn from the mentor through observation or hands-on experience.

Mentorship programs can be formal or informal, and may be organized by a company, professional association, academic institution, or community organization. They can be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee, as the mentor gains the satisfaction of helping someone else while also enhancing their leadership and coaching skills, and the mentee receives valuable guidance and support that can accelerate their learning and development.

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